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Our Vision:

We have a  passion to capture the less traveled destinations on video. Although our experience includes productions as far as in the mountainous northern regions of Asia, our true passion lies on the continent of Africa, and more specifically the arid south-western regions, where few dare to go. We have a great admiration for the people, the fauna and flora of these regions for their ability to survive and often to flourish in the most adverse conditions imaginable.


Through our productions, we aim to provide all-in-one guides for the 4x4 echo tourist wanting to visit mainly 4x4 destinations in the southern region of Africa. Recommended access routes, where to stay over, what to bring with and what to leave at home. We also provide thorough tuition on how to prepare your 4x4 vehicle for "in the bush" trips, safety tips and GPS coordinates of points of interest.


Contact Information:


    Emile Viljoen:  +27827703250





Postal Address:        

    PO Box 466



    South Africa







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